Our yarns are available in a multiple variety of deniers and technical specifications.

We work together with excellent twisters enabling us to offer a wide range of specially made up tubes as well as plied and twisted products made to match our clients’ specifications.

Apart from white yarns we also offer various spundyed products in black and colours.

The products offered on a regular basis are
Polyester high tenacity multifilament yarn
Nylon 6 and 6.6 high tenacity filament yarn
Nylon texturized filament yarn
Polypropylene fibrillated splitfilm yarn
Monofilament Yarn
Various other technical fibres and yarns

We supply to a large variety of very different applications and end uses, for instance narrow fabrics and belts, ropes and braids, nets, broad wovens and geo textiles, hoses, sewing yarns and many more.